Work In Community Programs

Bristol Adult Resource Center (BARC) is dedicated to finding jobs for our individuals and ensuring their success through ongoing training, guidance and supervision. BARC has trained and provided work opportunities to intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals in our program. Direct Support Professionals work with our individuals to place them in jobs with community employers either individually or in enclaves with support from a BARC staff.

BARC also works with companies that want to offer unpaid internships. Unpaid internships help our individuals learn different trades out in the community. This allows them to build their experience and understanding.

If you are interested in hiring people in your company or have any further questions, please contact us below.

Meet Some of Our Current Employers

We are dedicated to providing quality employees to our local business.

Home Depot

What we do:

  • Water plants in the Garden Center
  • Aid with inventory restocking
  • Safety team member
  • Parking lot associate

Sheriden Woods

What we do:

  • Copying and filing
  • Data entry
  • Scheduling
  • Tracking of training

Bristol Housing Authority

What we do:

  • Clean apartments
  • Clean common areas of the building

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