About Us

Advocating Community Inclusion

Bristol Adult Resource Center (BARC) is a private, non-profit, 501(c)3, United Way funded organization established in 1957 at a time when education, services, and employment were not available for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

BARC is comprised of professionals, parents, educators, business leaders, and volunteers who are dedicated to providing services to and improving the quality of life for the people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the greater Bristol area.

Our History

  1. Bristol Adult Resource Center incorporated

  2. Programs were developed for preschoolers and adults with United Way funds. Programs were conducted in parents’ homes

  3. Programs conducted for twelve individuals at Edgewood School annex

  4. Greenhouse constructed by Unico, a local civic organization

  5. Summercrest Group Home for nine individuals developed

  6. Developed a 6 person CLA with HUD Section VIII funding

  7. Expansion of Vocational Center at Jerome Avenue site

  8. Successful move from a nine bed group home to three apartments in an apartment complex in Bristol

  9. Expanded day programs to include specialized services to men and women with complex medical and behavioral needs

  10. Expanded residential services to include two additional Supported Living Arrangements

  11. Purchase of satellite building located at Lake Avenue

  12. Substantial completion of Lake Avenue renovations with creation of multi-sensory room – Developed two CRS group homes

  13. Developed two CLA homes

  14. Expanded Supported Employment Programs in Bristol, Southington, and Newington

  15. Developed a fully accessible 5 person CLA – Started providing In-Home Support Services

  16. Developed a 3-person CRS – Larry’s Park donated by the Santilli Family was designed and constructed

  17. Moved WAP – Activity to Lake Avenue – Opened Job Readiness Program

  18. Developed two 3 person CRS group homes

  19. Opening of Art, Sandwich Shop and technology

  20. Aquaponics was added to Jerome Gardens

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