Art Program

BARC Art Department Program started in December of 2015. It has been an amazing addition to the Bristol Adult Resource Center programs. The Artists have found their own creative talents, and continue to learn art through classroom lessons, educational books, daily drawing exercises & exploring new art mediums.

Our ongoing unique projects include: Acrylic & watercolor paintings * Kiln fired pottery & ornaments * Wearable Art (Jewelry & hand painted silk scarves). Coming soon: Photography & Artistic Creations – greeting cards.

Art pieces can be purchased by contacting the BARC Art Department at 860-582-9102 ext. 140.

Purchase price supports the Artist and the Art Department.

*Custom painted commission work available.*

Artist of the Month

Rae-Ann was employed by BARC in 2001 and started in the Hidden Café. She then worked in Supported Employment at Walmart for a few years. Rae-Ann has recently joined our art team as a full time artist. She is known for sketching her contemporary “flowers in vases”, landscapes and animals. She loves creating new pictures. In November of 2017, Rae -Ann, with her instructor Lisa M., she was asked to create a piece for the Bristol Hospital Ball. Rae-Ann created a beautiful innovative tree depicting leaves of all color and all people. She named it “LIVING IN HARMONY”. Her picture was purchased by Mary Lynn Gagnon at auction and all proceeds went toward the expansion and renovation of the Emergency Room. Just recently Rae-Ann donated a picture to ”The Hidden Café” for friends, staff and all to enjoy. Rae-Ann is a very thoughtful and talented woman who has a kind heart and wonderful sense of humor. Outside of work, Rae-Ann enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Jim and his dog, Gilbert. Rae-Ann has been a part of the Special Olympics participating in swimming, track and field and cross country. She loves dancing and singing to her favorite musicians like Blake Shelton, Adele, Leann Rimes and Neil Diamond. She has been a cheerleader, a gymnast and played little league. She loves going to the dances and annual Prom. Her favorite show is Full and Fuller House. Her house staff are very special to her and her family. Her favorite part of the day is having lunch with her boyfriend Jim, dance time and anything ART!!!!
Congratulations Rae-Ann!!!

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