The BARC Art Department is excited to share new project additions including Wearable Art. Hand painted silk scarves are available in assorted sizes, styles & colors.

The creation of the pieces takes talent and patience. First step is to choose a design for their piece, then the artist sketches out their idea, creates a pattern by tracing over drawing with black marker. The next stage of this project is to apply the pattern to the fabric with a resist then allow to dry. A color palette is chosen, and this watercolor style dye is applied (Different intensity of color is achieved in design by using dye at full strength or diluting with water). Once the scarf is complete it must be heat sealed to set dye, this makes the Artistic Creation wearable & hand washable. Scarves can be custom designed as a commissioned piece.

Artist: D.G., $20

Scarves can be purchased by contacting the BARC Art Department at 860-582-9102 ext. 140 and ask to speak with either Lisa Mastracchio or Lisa Gibson-Ronalter (or the Art Program Manager, Charlene Tardif ext. 131).

We accept cash or check only.