The Peck Lane Home Group celebrated its 25th anniversary in November 2008. Three of the current six residents are among the original group. The modular home is accessible to meet the resident's individual needs and has proven to be very sturdy over the past quarter of a century.

The Peck Lane Home Group is a comfortable and pleasant home where the pace is always easy. Visitors coming for their first time always comment on its stylishness, with its leather furniture and flat panel screen televisions. The rooms are tastefully decorated to match the residents interests. All the residents participate in meal preparation and perform daily household chores, within his or her own capabilities.

The residents take pride in dressing nicely and maintaining a positive personal appearance. The four ladies enjoy sitting down to have their hair styled and makeup applied each morning with staff assistance. The men are also assisted with grooming and shaving as that is important to them as well.

The residents attend day programs each work day. Four of the six residents go to the Day Support Options program on Lake Avenue, where they enjoy a wide range of recreational and leisure activities. The two Peck Lane men report to the agency on Jerome Avenue. One resident works in the Bristol Adult Resource Center Greenhouse Program and spends his day filling pots with dirt, watering plants and sweeping the floor. The other client works in the Work Activity Program. He can usually be found throughout the day either vacuuming or cleaning windows. Occasionally, he goes off-site to the Plymouth Town Hall where he shreds paper. The two men earn bi-weekly paychecks and enjoy ordering from the Bristol Adult Resource Center Dining Room routinely. They take pride in the fact that the money used to purchase their lunches is the money they have earned from work.