We are the residents of Huntington Woods. We are 9 residents living in a 4 apartment setting. We are an Individual Home Supports which means we are independent. Some of us have part time jobs (e.g. WalMart, Easter Seals). Some of us work for our agency (Bristol Adult Resource Center) making candies, working in the Dining Room and Greenhouse. Being independent we decide how to spend our money after we have paid our bills.

Some of us go to Camp Harkness and Camp Horizons during the summer. We also enjoy the beach, trips to Boston and New York to see Red Sox or Yankee games. We also go on different cultural events at the Bushnell, the Hartford Stage and museums. We enjoy outdoor concerts as well as indoors. We have a pool that is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day that we can use, as well as an exercise room and basketball and tennis courts. Some of us take swimming lessons, work on different craft projects and we love to go bowling. We go to Special Olympics in the summer and in the fall. We have our own bedrooms and bathrooms.

We are in charge of keeping our space clean. We have help in choosing our menus and are involved in the shopping and preparing of our meals. We also shop for our own clothes and decide what we want to wear. We are provided help by our staff at times to wear appropriate clothes. We also have agency vehicles at our disposal. We strive to live our lives to the fullest.

We are provided services to achieve our goals through Bristol Adult Resource Center and some state agencies. Most of all we are happy that we have families that care and support us and we have good and caring staff that work in our homes.