The Hidden Cafe

We work at a restaurant called The Hidden Cafe, which has been in business for over 50 years. We serve lunch from 11:30 to 2:00 Monday through Friday. We start our work day at 10:00 and we end it at 2:30. We are all different but we have so much in common.


Our ages are from 21 to 68, some of us have worked at many jobs in the past but for some of us, this is our first job. We may live in our own apartment, group home or with our parents. The staff makes sure that we are taught the right skills and they give us encouragement to learn, grow and make choices for ourselves. We feel safe and confident in our abilities. Some of us may move to another job in the community.


We like working with our friends and learning how to get along and work as a team. We come to work dressed neatly with black pants and a white shirt and practice good hygiene. Every morning we chop fresh fruit and vegetables for the salad tray, make salad dressing and learn to follow recipes. We run the commercial dish washer, dry dishes, clean bathrooms and sweep and mop the floor. We stay organized and have a place to put everything. All of us have a goal that we are working on.

Some of us work in The Hidden Cafe seating customers, setting tables, taking customer orders, delivering food and clearing tables. It is so much fun waiting on tables, it makes us feel important. We learn to talk to the public, stay focused and work independently. Our expertise in counting money has improved. We are proud of our abilities and skills.

We really enjoy the friendships that develop in The Hidden Cafe. We celebrate our birthdays and holidays with our co-workers and staff. We earn money and tips for our hard work. The staff is caring and supportive and they encourage us to learn new skills. Come and visit and have lunch. We love our jobs in The Hidden Cafe.

ORDERS TO GO: (860) 584-0043

Bristol Adult Resource Center
The Hidden Cafe
621 Jerome Avenue
Bristol, CT 06010

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We welcome Luncheon Meetings, Special Orders and Senior Centers!