Who is eligible for services?
Any individual with a developmental disability who is at least eighteen years of age and could benefit from the types of services we offer.

How old does someone have to be to receive services?
At least eighteen years old.

How do I get a DDS Case Manager?
You may call DDS at 1-866-433-8192 or contact them through their website: www.dds.state.ct.us to initiate the eligibility process.

Are there any fees to attend programs?
All participants must have required funding based upon state approved . hourly rates.

Do you offer transportation?
We do offer some transportation services to our day programs. Some individuals are transported by their residential programs, CT Para Transit, and private transportation.

Is there a waiting list?
It depends on the program. If there is no availability in a particular program, we may be able to suggest an alternative program.

Where are your programs located?
Currently, all of our programs are located in Bristol, CT.

What are the hours of your day programs?
Our day programs operate from approximately 9:00am to 3:00pm.

What types of programs do you have?
We offer both day and residential services. Our Day Services include Day Support Options, Group Supported Employment and Supported Employment Individual Placement models. Our Residential Services include Community Living Arrangements, Continuous Residential Supports and Individualized Home Suppports.

Do you offer any recreational activities in the evenings or on weekends?
We offer a number of recreational activities, including Bingo, Zumba, Health & Wellness, Arts & Crafts and regularly scheduled dances. Once a year, there is also a Prom put on by St. Paul for our Individuals supported by BARC.

What does it cost to attend a program?
All participants must have funding through DDS, other state agency or a local school district. Funding rates are based on state approved rates for each type of program. An individual may also pay privately.

Can I visit your programs?
Yes. If you would like a tour of Jerome Avenue, call and arrange for a tour by calling 860-582-9102. If you would like a tour of Lake Avenue, call and arrange for a tour with Ivonne Daigle at 860-584-0061.

How are people referred to your programs?
People are generally referred through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Referrals also come from local school systems and/or from individuals and their family members.