Beemix Residential Program

The Beemix residential program started in June 2012. The residential program currently serves six gentlemen in two different locations.

The first location is in the Plainville area and has three gentlemen that live there. These gentlemen receive 24 hour supports. They moved in on June 30, 2013. They enjoy a wide range of activities in the surrounding communities. During the summer months the three gentlemen enjoy going to Camp Harkness, participating in Special Olympic sports, barbequing at home, ball games, going to various parties and much more. In the colder months they enjoy indoor activities along with their trips for warm coffee, indoor basketball at the Boys & Girls Club of Bristol, holiday shopping, visiting the local library, and attending various holiday parties.

The second location is in Bristol and the gentlemen there also receive 24 hour supports. They moved in on August 1, 2012. They enjoy going out in the community, participating in different activities. In the summer months they enjoy cycling and bowling with the Special Olympic team, going for walks in the community, local library, Camp Harkness, and much more.

All gentlemen enjoy in-house activities such as playing the Wii, different craft projects, music therapy with Maggie, our famous Family nights, and many more.

Five of the six gentlemen attend Bristol ARC day program/work activity. One other gentleman attends a day program in Bristol with another agency. All our guys are very independent in their day to day jobs, which include but are not limited to: Lawn Crew, working in the Green house and making dog biscuits.


All staff members assist our gentlemen with their daily ADLs, housekeeping, meals, and all other daily routines. The staff also assist the gentlemen in attending medical appointments, going out on community activities, and giving caring support wherever and whenever needed.

We provide services aimed at achieving the Bristol ARC Mission: personal growth and community inclusion for all we serve.