Artist of the Month

Pam Salice

Pam Salice has been with Bristol ARC since 1983. Before starting in the Art Program, she worked in the Candy Kitchen, Supported Employment and The Hidden Café.

Acrylic paint is Pam's favorite medium; birds and flowers are her favorite topics to paint. She is learning to become more detailed in her paintings and using more vibrant colors. She loves drawing almost anything but cartoons are her favorite and is known for her exact replicas of Mickey and Minnie Mouse drawings.

In her free time, Pam loves Arts and Crafts. She especially loves working with yarn, making pot holders and gifts for everyone. She likes visiting with friends and her sister Maria, watching cartoons and her favorite movie "The Sound of Music". Her favorite color is blue which she tries to incorporate in all her paintings.

Below are beautiful works of art Pam completed in the Art Program at Bristol ARC.