Artist of the Month

Marek Le'Beau

Marek has worked several years at BARC. He has been with the Art Program from the start, December of 2014. Marek also makes dog bones in work activity. His favorite thing to do in art is painting. Marek has a great sense of humor and enjoys being with his friends creating amazing pieces of art and pottery and having fun singing to the music we play and dancing at the end of the day. Outside of work Marek loves spending time with his family. He has traveled around the country twice, seeing the Grand Canyon, Mexico and Canada. His favorite state to visit is Maine. Marek and family go camping often and to the movies every Friday. He is involved in Special Olympics and participates in field and track and bowling. Marek plays basketball, likes bingo and going to dances, eating Chinese food and especially eating moms spaghetti and meatballs!!