Artist of the Month

Angel Orsi

Angel joined B.A.R.C. in 2009. He started working in the Work Activity Program making dog bones, then he has trained in the Job Readiness Program and is currently in the Technical Department. He is also currently a great new addition to the Art Program. Angel has a wonderful sense of humor and is kind and friendly to all. He loves to learn new things and enjoys painting in and outside the classroom and creating art with his friends. He also enjoys working with all of his staff members at B.A.R.C. His favorite color is purple and tries to incorporate it into all of his work. Outside of work, Angel likes watching movies, especially scary ones. He is also very into classic cars. Angel loves spending time with his mom and his dad as well as his large family. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Carol. His favorite things to do are going to the shore and eating calamari, corn beef hash and pizza. Angel likes hanging out with his friends and having fun at the yearly prom held at St. Paul High School.
He also enjoys attending the monthly dances at Lake Avenue, bowling and creating cards for his family and friends for all occasions.