Artist of the Month

Tesha Shank

Tesha graduated from Bristol Eastern High School in 2012. She started with Bristol ARC in September of 2015 in the Work Activity Program making dog bones. In July of 2016, she started in the Art Program. She is a wonderful addition to our team and a fantastic artist. She is truly a friend to all. Tesha loves working with her teachers and her friends. She likes sketching, painting, listening to music and having a dance at the end of the day. Outside of work, Tesha plays softball with the Bristol ARC team. and participates in the Special Olympics playing soccer and basketball. She enjoys going to the Lake Avenue dances with her friends and spending time with her big family. Her favorite thing to do at home is painting, sketching, singing and dancing to hip hop music and the sound track from the movie, Frozen. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan and has read, watched and owns all of the books and movies.