Artist of the Month

Chandalise Mone

Chandalise Mone started working at BARC right after graduating high school in 1998. Chandalise is a very talented and focused artist. She loves the Art Program and takes great pride in her work. She has a wonderful sense of humor and she is always making everyone laugh. She has fun with her friends and loves to dance during our 1:00 "wake me up" song of the day. Aside from being in the Art Program, she also works in the Candy Kitchen making chocolates and Work Activity Program making dog bones. Outside of work Chandalise loves to dance, listen to music, play basketball and draw. Her favorite thing to do is play with her two dogs, Caesar and Bear. She has fun with Lynn who takes her out for frozen yogurt, shopping and playing bingo. Chandalise loves spending time with her family, especially when they all go on vacations and go to the beach together.